Hoof Care and Polish

Hoof Care and Polishes

We’ve all heard the saying, “No Hoof, no Horse”. We have everything you need for horse hoof care. We carry Thrush remedies and Hoof Dressings by trusted names. And when you’re ready for the show ring, we have all colors of Hoof Polish and Hoof Black. We can also supply the newest product called “Twinkle” for the show ring. We can’t showcase EVERYTHING on the site and new items are being added every day, so if you don't see something, please ASK!

Our commitment to our customers and friends is to offer you the same quality merchandise or better at an affordable price and we pride ourselves in saying that "For The Horse of Course will NEVER sell an item at suggested retail".
So, if you should see an advertised item for less, please let us know at orders@forthehorseofcourse.com and we'll be happy to take care of you.

As fellow horse owners, we have designed this site with the knowledge and expertise to offer you a full range of horse supplies, grooming supplies, tack - saddles, bridles, horse blankets, clothing and more at a reasonable price. Where quality and affordability is our number one goal for customer satisfaction!

We're looking forward to welcoming new customers and friends and are eager to serve you as "Your Complete Source for Horse and Rider"!

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hoof polish
Hoof Polish
Available in black, brown and clear. A water based, non-toxic polish for that super show shine. Safe for both horse and rider. Wears off naturally, no harsh chemicals needed for removal. Packaged with a dauber cap for easy application.

Price: $5.99

hoof dressing
Fiebing's Hoof Dressing aids in keeping the hoof in healthy condition. Ideal for split hoofs, corns, quarter cracks, hard, dry, brittle, tender and contracted feet.

Price: $10.99

thrush bomb
Thrush Bomb
Single Application Thrush Treatment that eliminates the crippling effects of thrush with one single treatment. Easy to use! A little goes a long way. 2 Fluid oz

Price: $7.99

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